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- Legal fields involved: Tax Law
- Description of problem: "I am posting this on behalf of my brother. On 2014, he received a notification from the IRS that he owes them taxes from the 2010 and 2011 fiscal periods. The debt derives from a disagreement by the IRS that my brother spent a certain amount of money on gas and transportation for the purpose of his business activities (the IRS thinks that my brother inappropriately deducted gas/transportation expenses for activities which were not related to his business (a presumption that my brother believes is not true, and he says he can prove it). He has received annual reminders ever since 2014, interests have increased overtime too. As stated above, my brother thinks that the taxes he supposedly owes to the IRS were inappropriately calculated (IRS calculated them based on a legal presumption rather than on actual information), but my brother has never challenged the IRS's determination because he is just a procrastinator and lacks legal/tax expertise. But he is ready to remedy the whole situation now. We have done some preliminary research, and it seems he may be able to challenge the IRS' determination such that, if any amount is actually due, the latter is calculated correctly, based on actual information. Ideally, he would like to have the whole thing thrown out because, in my brother's view, all of those gas/transportation expenses he reported for the years 2010 and 2011 were legitimately related to his business activity. Finally, if everything fails, my brother would like to negotiate a discount with the IRS + settle on a payment plan. He is looking to hire a lawyer who could help him figure out his legal rights and options (e.g. whether the statute of limitations would apply in his situation (given that it's been more than 10 years from the 2010/2011 fiscal years); whether he could challenge the amount being charged by the IRS (so that any calculation is made based on actual data); and, if everything fails, to negotiate a discount and a settlement plan with the IRS on his behalf)."
- Planning to hire a lawyer?: Yes
- Gig or longer-term project? This is a one-time gig